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Our Team Is the Campus Advantage.

Our Culture

Together we serve and inspire each other to achieve our full potential. We focus on developing successful people, who help us create successful communities.

Campus Advantage began on March 3, 2003 by founders who started their careers as Community Assistants. Our CEO and President, Mike Peter, is one of them.  We continue to believe in hiring the best talent, identifying top talent from within the company, and developing team members to take on higher level positions.

Values in Action

Our team builds alliances bringing together diverse groups towards positive changes. Whether it’s through local nonprofits or national partnerships,  we seek every opportunity to give back through our donations of time, expertise, and money. Every quarter our employees are given a day to pursue their own volunteer efforts or support one of the company’s focus charities.

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Our Values


We live the Golden Rule, trying always to do the right thing to make our Moms proud.


We believe that learning is a lifelong endeavor, and we strive to stay ahead through innovations.


We understand how the work we do impacts those around us and share a vision of what a high functioning property management team should be.


We attract and charm others through our success and outlook on life. We take our work and our communities, but not ourselves, seriously.

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