In regard to COVID-19, the health and well-being of our residents and staff is always our utmost priority. Please visit our resource page for more info.

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This page will continue to be updated with the latest resident communication from Campus Advantage. This information is provided for your convenience and it is important to refer to the CDC website and local authorities for the latest, most accurate information.

3.27.2020 COVID-19 – Our commitment to our residents: We know that many families are facing financial pressures as businesses have been forced to scale back or close. We’re committed to helping our residents during these trying times to ensure that no one loses the roof over their head if they’re financially impacted by this pandemic. Please read the entire update here.

REMINDER: Please monitor the email account you have registered with your resident portal. We are sending regular updates to that address.


UPDATE: All offices are closed during normal business hours but will remain staffed. We will maintain operations to receive phone calls, respond to emails, deliver virtual tours, and receive package deliveries. Please be mindful of the fact that many of our staff members are students, and all are being affected in similar ways by this pandemic. Your kindness and consideration toward these individuals is appreciated.