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In case you missed it, Campus Advantage was featured in the Nov/Dec digital issue of Student Housing Business: 


Page 118: Paying Attention to Equality(contributed piece by Angela Shaw)


Page 10:Campus Advantage Promotes Keerat Malhi to Vice President of Finance



Page 20:Campus Advantage Promotes Lori Moran to Vice President of Management Services



Page 64:A Brave New World for Leasing(interview with Lindsay Brown)



Page 72:Top 25 Owners of Student Housing (CA listed at #8; up a spot from 2019)



Page 84:Top 25 Managers of Student Housing(CA remains listed at #9)



Page 86:Top 15 Third Party Managers(CA remains listed at #9)



Page 96:NMHC/Interface Student Housing Conference(Lindsay Brown photo included)



Page 114:Playing it Safe (Interview with Scott Duckett)