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Campus Advantage has been a leader in student housing consulting, management, acquisitions, development, and resident life since 2003.

We approach every opportunity as a strategic partnership – allowing you to benefit from our experience gleaned in over 85 markets and 5 countries. Our current results speak for themselves.

  • 96.1% occupancy rate
  • Average effective rental rate growth of 3.5%
  • 48% returning resident ratio
  • 200 professional consulting engagements
  • Award winning marketing and leasing strategies

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Occupancy Rate


Returning Resident Ratio


Average Effective Rental Rate Growth

Professional Consulting Engagements

Occupancy Success

If you’re struggling with low occupancy, we have a solution. Our operations team specializes in creating an academic, social, and recreational environment where students can thrive. By maintaining each property to the highest standard, we are able to lease to maximum occupancy and at the highest rents, while providing an environment that our residents love.

Learn the 5 Steps to Increase Occupancy

Increasing Returning
Resident Ratios

Our proprietary residence life programming and cohesive marketing campaigns drive leasing results to increase our returning resident ratio. We start with a focus on renewals immediately after move-in to create engagement, community, and a high level of customer satisfaction from residents. Our award winning Students First™ Residence Life program offers every student living, learning, and career advancement and growth opportunities. Thriving students means renewals and referrals for your properties.

Examine the Numbers Yourself

Customer Engagement Drives Positive Reputations

Your property’s online reputation and the word of mouth generated by your residents has a direct impact on your leasing results. We know what it takes to highlight your brand, increase positive engagement, and handle less than favorable reviews – no more reputation nightmares.

No More Reputation Nightmares

Property Management Nightmares? Consider Making a Change

Our 2015 results say it all – with 96.1% occupancy rate, 48% resident returning ratio, 3.5% average effective rental rate growth, and 200+ professional consulting engagements – you can’t afford not to make a change.

We can guide you through the change. Learn more about our Do’s and Don’ts around property transitions.

Manage Revenue to Push
Rates and Higher NOI’s

Not sure if you are maximizing revenue? Take a look
at Campus Advantage’s 10 Tips for Revenue Management
to see if you are doing all you can to bring in the most revenue
for your property or portfolio.

Award Winning Marketing
& Leasing Results

Marketing shouldn’t be an afterthought. Our partner, Catalyst, is proving that a marketing strategy combined with strong integrated tactics drive leads for leasing teams. Brand creation, rebranding, a strong web presence, and digital marketing all combine to assist your leasing teams to do what they do best. We deliver quarterly reports showing exactly how your marketing efforts are driving leads. View our portfolio and discover how a comprehensive and strategic marketing plan will turn your portfolio around.