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Our Team is the Campus Advantage

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A great place to develop your career

Our team is the core of our success. And we take that seriously. But we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We’re proud to be on the forefront of our industry, and we look for people who love to learn, who enjoy innovating and testing the latest technologies and trends, and who are passionate about making raving fans of our residents and clients. Together, we will create thriving student communities that drive value for our partners, and have fun while doing so.

“What sets our team apart is intelligence. I always want to learn. I always want to grow. And that’s something leaders at Campus Advantage share.”

Jasmine Rivera, Regional Manager in Training

“Long before working for Campus Advantage, I had heard so many great things about the company – the culture, the people, and the way employees are treated. My personal experience has completely lived up to that expectation.”

Lori Moran, Director of Management Systems

“What attracted me to Campus Advantage was the culture. I think hiring amazing talent is where it starts. At Campus Advantage, our workplace dynamic is very positive — and often hilarious. We take our jobs seriously, but we have fun doing it.”

Ally Castanon, General Manager

“We try to grow a unique culture of working together. We’re a team, not a group of individuals. We’re a family.”

Josh Soloway, Regional Manager

Values in Action

Together with our team, we strive to create thriving communities where we live and work.


We believe that learning is a lifelong endeavor, and we strive to stay ahead through innovations.


We live the Golden Rule, trying always to do the right thing to make our moms proud.


We desire to do our best, and we never, ever give up!


We attract and charm others through our success and outlook on life. We take our work and our communities, but not ourselves, seriously.

Life at Campus Advantage

Ariel Douglas’ Work Ethic is No Joke

Ariel Douglas’ Work Ethic is No Joke

With this March marking Ariel’s first full year at Campus Advantage, she reflects on her time thus far as a corporate leasing specialist, expressing gratitude for the past and excitement about what the future holds. Ariel spends 90% of her time traveling to Campus...

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Raka Sandell Is a Jill of All Trades

Raka Sandell Is a Jill of All Trades

Campus Advantage’s Vice President of Project Management, Raka Sandell, will celebrate her 6th year of wearing many different hats at the company this March. On top of overseeing project management initiatives that keep us all organized, Raka also manages stress levels...

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Brian Parks is Here if You Need the Perfect Playlist

Brian Parks is Here if You Need the Perfect Playlist

Brian Parks’ dedication to ensuring that a job is done correctly the first time around makes his accomplishment of never leaving a work order open for longer than 24 hours all the more impressive. With the support of his hardworking team and the help of his expansive...

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