Redtail on the River

Location: Columbia, South Carolina

University: University of South Carolina

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30 points
increase in ORA® Score

Overall ORA® Score

Occupancy for multiple years

Renewal Rate in Fall 2019


In late 2016, Redtail on the River joined Campus Advantage’s portfolio of student housing communities. Prior to Campus Advantage’s involvement, the community suffered from negative online reviews and experienced minimal revenue growth. When Redtail on the River joined Campus Advantage’s portfolio, J Turner Research measured the community’s Online Reputation Assessment (ORA®) score at 40 points — more than 20 points below the national average.



Catalyst, Campus Advantage’s marketing partner, was engaged to rebrand the community to help increase leasing velocity and improve the community’s reputation. To do so, the community launched Campus Advantage’s Students  First® Experience – a program designed to ensure that residents who choose to live at Campus Advantage communities have more opportunities to achieve success both now and in the future — and rebranded the community as “Redtail on the River”. The name “Redtail” was designed as a nod to the University of South Carolina mascot, the Gamecock, while “River” highlights the community’s close proximity to the Congaree River — both of which are well known in Columbia, South Carolina. Catalyst and Campus Advantage worked in tandem to design a new logo, marketing collateral, and website, and ultimately launched a reveal campaign to reintroduce Redtail on the River into the Columbia market.



As a result of the efforts from both Campus Advantage and Catalyst, Redtail on the River saw an increase to their overall market reputation and ORA score by 30 points, reaching 70 by fall 2019. Redtail on the River has since achieved 100% occupancy for two consecutive years and increased resident retention, achieving a 37% renewal rate in fall 2019.