FAQ’s: What Are the Benefits of a Student Housing Market Analysis?

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Despite student housing’s resilience during what some could argue as one of America’s most challenging 18 months, it’s important to ensure your student housing development is poised for long-term success and positive returns. Campus Advantage’s market feasibility and analysis studies assemble data from competitors, the market, the student population and more to determine the viability of your project, ultimately positioning your investment for leasing and investment success.

What makes a student housing development a good candidate for a market analysis?

New developments in student housing present a unique opportunity for developers to program their planned asset based on trends and forecasts in market conditions as well as the latest in technological and structural best practices, which are ever-changing in the fast-moving student housing industry.

Thorough market research, student housing operational experience and an understanding of the target market is of the utmost importance in creating a sound, successful, and cash-producing product. Every market and college/university is unique in its own way, and failure to acknowledge the variety of nuances from market-to-market may have a developer facing detrimental financial implications and operational performance. Where is the project located and how may that impact your target demographic as well as your unit mix? What kind of floor plans are going to attract your target demographic? What amenities and unit finishes are important to the student body you are targeting?

What is covered in the market analysis report?

Each market analysis report at Campus Advantage includes detailed findings and recommendations for setting a solid foundation to each property’s performance, including:

  • Absorption and saturation rate
  • Current and future supply and demand analysis
  • Target demographic
  • Enrollment trends and forecasts
  • Unit mix recommendation
  • Rental rate recommendation
  • Recommended common area amenities
  • Recommended residence life programming

The various sections of the report build upon one another to provide a comprehensive picture of the market and detailed recommendations for your property’s success.

What makes a development a good candidate for a market analysis?

The ability to understand who your target demographic is early on and to develop a product according to that demographic’s desires is crucial. Providing a product in a great location isn’t enough. The development needs specific features and programming that students will resonate with before the property is even built. It’s additionally critical for community-building and retention.

At Campus Advantage, this information is gathered from student surveys as well as tours of the market and competitors. Higher-level trends in the student housing market are also considered under the lens of our experience and expertise.

How is Campus Advantage’s market analysis process different?

Rather than pulling in consultants from various departments, Campus Advantage has a dedicated Director of Consulting and market analysis department entirely committed to providing beneficial recommendations for your property. Collectively, our team has over 40 years combined experience and has worked on over 300 consulting engagements across the world. We’ve delivered results for investors, developers, lenders, and colleges/universities in markets both large and small. Our extensive experience is uniquely positioned to help your student housing development thrive.