Tyler Roberts Teaches His Team to Fish

October Employee Spotlight

Tyler Roberts

Tyler Roberts is a true team player at Campus Advantage. Since starting as a Senior Accounting Manager in September 2020, he has had the opportunity to oversee the Property Accounting team and prioritizes building strong relationships with his team members. While he knows the value of hard work, he also knows the value of a fun workplace culture. We talked to Tyler about his time at Campus Advantage thus far, and he shared the company value that best represents him, what characteristics he shares with teammates, and how he empowers his team to go the extra mile.

What first attracted you to work for Campus Advantage?

In my accounting career, it intrigued me to look at the property management space. When I came across Campus Advantage, it seemed like a great property management company for student housing. As a college sports fan, it seemed really exciting to work with student housing and colleges.

In a few words, describe what you do for Campus Advantage.

My team covers all the property accounting for Campus Advantage. My role exists to make sure we are utilizing resources effectively and helping senior accounting leadership ensure that we’re developing our team in terms of technical accounting skills and training and delivering quality financial packages to owners/investors.

What are the three best words to describe you?

Easygoing, dedicated, and a family man. I have five kids and a wife, so that is a large part of who I am.

What is one of your favorite moments at Campus Advantage thus far?

I have loved being a part of the management team. It has given me an opportunity to bring forth my creative ideas and help my team learn new skills. All-hands meetings and lunch-and-learns allow the team to have fun while getting the work done, so those are always great for the company’s camaraderie.

What motivates you to get up and come to work every day?

Each day at Campus Advantage, we face new opportunities and challenges. There is never a dull moment, and there are constantly new and exciting things to work on. This keeps me motivated to be the best team member I can be, and it makes me excited to go to work every day.

What are three words you would use to describe our culture, and why?

Evolving: We must be evolving constantly, especially through events such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Growth-minded: There are so many opportunities for innovation when it comes to helping investors or ownership groups.

Creative: There are many ways that we can expand in a creative space, specifically when we are putting out quality products.

If you had to choose one company value that best represents you, what would it be and why?

MOJO because I know how to take work, but not myself, seriously, but I also know how to have fun. My colleagues are also my friends, which makes Campus Advantage a fun environment to work in. There are times when we must put our heads down and focus, but there is also plenty of time for fun team building.

Thinking of your most successful peers or teammates, what characteristics do they share?

My most successful peers and teammates truly want to do what’s right. They have integrity and they always go the extra mile, especially when serving clients. They have the determination to get things done.

How do you empower your team to go the extra mile?

One phrase comes to mind when I think about empowering my team: “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.” I try to look for ways to help coach my team members and teach them the skills they need to succeed, instead of just doing it for them.