Campus Advocate Summer 2019

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The Campus Advantage Quarterly Newsletter – CAMPUS ADVOCATE SUMMER 2019


Happy summer, everyone! It’s the time of year for family vacations, creating memories and, of course, surviving the Texas heat. While summer may be a time of relaxation for many, however, it’s also one of the busiest times of the year for our Operations team and site staff, as it’s the prime season to focus on filling beds for the fall and preparing for move-in. These teams have been working extremely hard over the past few months to welcome students for the 2019-2020 academic year, and I personally want to thank them for their hard work and dedication to ensure that all of our residents have the best living experience once they step foot through the doors of our properties.

Summer also marks the halfway point of the year and it goes without saying that these past six months have been a season of growth for Campus Advantage, having added a handful of new properties to our property management portfolio, including our most recent — a 239-bed community located in Manhattan, Kansas  — as well as more than 300 new employees to our amazing team! It’s incredible to see our team of dedicated employees continue to grow and be such an important part of our continued success. We plan on building upon this growth throughout the remainder of the year, including the addition of many more new student housing properties, and we look forward to sharing those updates with you soon!

Speaking of contributing to our success, I do want to give a nod to Kellee Contine Interior Design. As you’ll read in the newsletter below, this company has done some fabulous work to enhance some of our student housing properties, and create some incredible, high-quality living spaces for our residents. They are one of our many partners who also play an integral role in helping us deliver the very best to our residents. We cannot thank them enough for their partnership and commitment.

We have a bright second half of the year ahead, and I look forward to all that’s in store in the coming months. Thank you, as always, for your commitment to our residents, our clients, and to each other.

Enjoy your summer!

Mike Peter
President and CEO


Kelle Contine Interior Design

When we take on the management of properties that need a little facelift, we rely on our design partner, Kelle Contine Interior Design, to give the space new life and create warm yet functional environments for our residents. Through the firm’s interior design work, we’ve watched our properties transform into spaces that students use to connect with those around them, study, and just relax in — ultimately creating an inviting community that students want to live in and tell their friends about. Check out just a few of our favorite property redesigns!

The Davis

The Verge

The Bower


At Campus Advantage, we believe our team is the core of our success. When it comes to seeking out new team members, we look for people who will contribute to that success and who love learning, enjoy innovating, like testing the latest technologies and trends, and are passionate about making raving fans of our residents and clients.

Over the past six months, we’ve hired more than 317 employees who embody and embrace the Campus Advantage dynamic personality, core values, and vibrant culture, and have helped drive our overall success. In just a short time, they’ve contributed to thriving student communities that drive value for our partners — and had fun while doing so!

Do you know a driven, energetic individual who would be a great fit for the student housing industry? Do you know an individual who wants to be part of a company that’s dedicated to developing and inspiring employees to achieve their full potential? Check out our open positions and send them our way!


H1 Stats — January through June 2019 (stats to date, June 12)

Added five properties to the property management portfolio:

  • Moontower
  • 700 SoHo
  • Manhattan, Kansas (3 properties)

Added 1,294 beds to the property management portfolio


Are you, or is someone you know, interested in an opportunity to invest in student housing? Campus Advantage specializes in all aspects of student housing — operations, marketing, consulting, development, and acquisition — and has delivered excellent returns for more than a decade. Contact our Acquisitions and Development Team to learn more.



Jennifer CassidyPeople often think of work/life balance as working a defined schedule of Monday through Friday, 8-5. For me, personally, work life balance means being able to perform well professionally and personally. I don’t define this by the hours I work, or when I work, but more so by the impact I am able to have, the quality of the work that I do and ensuring that my professional life is in support of my personal life. I gauge this by asking myself the following question: “Does my work give me fulfillment that ultimately translates into me being the best version of myself for my family?”

I am also a firm believer that, in order to perform at the most optimal level at work, we need to be fulfilled personally as well. For me, that’s through exercising, traveling with my family and cooking. If we do not take care of ourselves, we cannot take care of others. I always think of the airline analogy where you put your mask on first before assisting your children. If you are not healthy and fulfilled, you can’t do your best work. I often remind myself of this and am lucky enough to have people in my life that do that for me when I sometimes lose that perspective.

At Campus Advantage, our company culture truly promotes work life balance because it isn’t something that is talked about; it is something that people see in action. Leaders at Campus Advantage take time off; leaders prioritize the needs of themselves and their families. I have watched that for 13 years and I know that it is encouraged and accepted here. I personally know that I help to set that example in my role and I hope that people see that you can balance the needs and wants of your personal life along with doing your job and fulfilling your commitments.


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Anna Flores

Promoted to VP of Operations

Anna Flores joined Campus Advantage as Senior Regional Manager in 2017. Anna has proven to be an outstanding leader and was promoted to Regional Vice President in September 2018 and then to Vice President of Operations in May 2019. Anna oversees a portfolio of third-party relationships and works alongside other Vice Presidents of Operations to ensure operational excellence at our properties. Anna has more than 10 years of experience in the student housing industry and holds an associate degree from Allen County Community College.

Lauren Goodman

Promoted to Art Director

Lauren Goodman joined Catalyst as a Graphic Designer in 2014, and was promoted to Senior Designer in 2017. In May 2019, Lauren was again promoted to Art Director, where she leads the charge on the content and direction of the materials the Catalyst creative team produces for clients. Lauren’s passion is to craft great brands — and then echo those personalities in each piece of collateral she creates, from print to digital and everything in between. Whether it’s a business card or a billboard, it’s her goal to always deliver eye-catching, effective messaging and visuals.


Katie Degutis

She’s Got it Under Control

Katie is the Senior Project Manager at Catalyst, Campus Advantage’s strategic marketing partner, and has been with the marketing agency for five years. She is an integral member of the Catalyst team, passionate about getting the job done no matter what it takes, and also is a firm believer in a good laugh.

Amie Miller

Why Campus Advantage Is Her Second Family

Amie Miller is what you call a Campus Advantage veteran — she’s been with the company since 2007! As a Senior Accounts Payable Specialist, you could say she’s a numbers pro, but that doesn’t stop her from having a creative side, too. Amie is also an avid gardener and a big-time animal lover.


In June, Campus Advantage welcomed three student housing properties in Manhattan, Kansas, to our property management portfolio. Located near Kansas State University, 12B Lofts, 11B Lofts, and Avenue M will operate as one 239-bed community, making the three properties among the best student housing living locations in the city. Campus Advantage was chosen to manage the three properties as an outcome of prior success within the Manhattan market, having managed another community serving Kansas State University and the surrounding colleges from 2007 to 2016. We look forward to introducing this community to the students and future residents in Manhattan.

Campus Advantage also welcomed 700 SoHo — a 122-unit, 488-bed student housing  property  in  Kalamazoo,  Michigan;  and Moontower — a 166-unit, 567-bed student housing property in Austin, Texas, to its property management portfolio.  Built in 2001, 700 SoHo is a garden-style community featuring large, two-bedroom and four-bedroom apartments.  When completed in Fall 2020, Moontower will be comprised of studios, two-, three-, four- and five-bedroom units. Under Campus Advantage management, these properties will benefit from community-focused programs and experiences that inspire and equip residents to thrive in all areas of life. This includes the company’s highly regarded​ Students First® Experience platform, that will positively impact renewals and the student experience.


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