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The Campus Advantage Quarterly Newsletter – CAMPUS ADVOCATE SUMMER 2020


Over these past few months, the world as we know it has continued to change. COVID-19 has challenged us in ways we could have never imagined, and the recent events and conversation centered on the incredibly important issue of racial justice have provided us all with an incredible opportunity to be vocal and demand change in our society. It’s been a time of growth and adaptation for everyone, and the impact of it has certainly been felt by all.

While these past few months have been filled with uncertainty, a sense of hope and encouragement continues to arise in me as I watch our communities and our Campus Advantage team members come together to support, inspire one another, and help spark a much-needed change in our nation.

At Campus Advantage, our motto right now is “CArrying On.” Simply stated, it’s our commitment to finding new ways to give back to the communities around us, discovering new forms of connecting with one another, and creating new means of strengthening and encouraging others and bettering ourselves. It was derived from each and every one of our employees’ resilient spirits during these trying times and directly reflects how we’ve continued to stay true to our values of Intelligence, Integrity, Passion, and MOJO through it all. It’s our approach to everything we’re doing both professionally and personally, and I couldn’t be prouder to work alongside such devoted individuals who are rising up to help make this world a better place.

Looking ahead, we’re very hopeful about what the future holds for both our company and the student housing industry as a whole. To date, our leasing has exceeded the prior year’s numbers, and we are quickly gaining the ground we have lost since mid-March. As a recession-resilient industry, we are extremely optimistic about the opportunities that await for off-campus student housing as we nimbly prepare for the upcoming fall season.

The future will certainly continue to challenge us, but I am confident that we will continue to adapt, persevere, and come out as better individuals, a better company, and a better industry because of it.

My hope for you is that you continue to stay healthy and stay safe.

Mike Peter
President and CEO

Campus Advantage Partners with RentTrack

During these uncertain times, establishing a strong credit history is more important than ever. As a result, Campus Advantage is working with RentTrack, a leading provider of rental payments and rent reporting, to offer all residents free rent credit reporting now through the current lease term (end of August 2020).

Campus Advantage started using RentTrack as an optional service at the beginning of this academic year. Our residents using the service saw an average 53-point score increase within their first few months (and we are seeing some students go from a very low credit score to an average of 600). We are very excited to be making a positive impact for residents’ futures during this time.

RentTrack is a program that can help residents build credit with their on-time rent payment. Residents who choose to participate also receive credit education, credit monitoring, and score alerts. It not only protects students’ credit,​ but provides an opportunity to build their credit history quickly as only positive data is reported. For more information and to learn how you or someone you know can sign up, visit

Property Spotlight: Paseo Place

Located in San Diego, California, Paseo Place is a 46-unit community offering two-, three-, and four-bedroom units. All units include kitchens with islands, fully furnished interiors, and full-size washers and dryers. Amenities feature an outdoor courtyard with grilling stations, a limited-access parking garage, and three ground-floor restaurants.

Paseo Place benefits from having one of the best locations in the market as it is located on the south edge of San Diego State University and situated a short walk from the recreation center and the center of campus. This community is 99% pre-leased for fall 2020.

Employee’s Take on Work-Life Balance

By Kaitlyn Vicars, HR Generalist

Work-life balance to me means you are actively working on finding a reasonable balance between the personal and the professional. It is ever-changing and requires constant adaptation. I think of it like a scale over a long period of time. There are weeks at work that will be extremely busy, and so the scale will tip to work that week. But the next week may include a vacation or a need at home, for example, so the scale will tip to home life. So, over the long run, you find that all aspects of your life get the attention they deserve. That’s the goal.

I love working at Campus Advantage because even though we all work really hard on our own projects, we are always willing to jump in and help each other out if needed. We also respect each other’s time away from the office, which makes our time in the office far more productive.

I think the most important aspect to achieving balance is honest communication. I let my family know when I have important things happening at work, and I let my work family know when I need to disconnect. Also, finding a job that you love and working with good people can help with the balance. When work doesn’t feel like work, or when you are doing what you love, that balance is easier to achieve.

In my free time, I love spending time with my son (Miles), partner (Jon), and pup (Cooper). A lot of that time involves outdoor activities, such as camping and hiking. COVID-19 has changed a lot, so there is less travel than there normally would be, but I enjoy going to new places and giving my son the opportunity to travel that I did not grow up with. I also love to volunteer and help others, and do so for several organizations, including St. David’s NICU and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America as a Big Sister.

Student Housing Investments

Student housing’s recession-resilience makes it a value-add investment during times of economic uncertainty. If you, or someone you know, is interested in an expanded investment portfolio, Campus Advantage specializes in all aspects of student housing — operations, marketing, consulting, development, and acquisition — and has delivered excellent returns for over a decade. Contact our investments team to learn more.

Our Latest Content

Creating Experiential Value Through Virtual Leasing

Generation Z, or those born after 1997, make up the majority of today’s college students — and they have new expectations when it comes to communication. These new expectations affect everything about the search for the properties they will call “home” — from the initial Google search, to scrolling through property social media profiles, to chatting with a leasing agent through text and email, to eventually signing a virtual lease. Student housing management companies must keep up in order to attract residents, secure leases, and drive business goals. Read more.

6 Steps to Move Beyond Amenities and Embrace an Experience-Driven Approach

Are you in tune with the reality of resident expectations for student housing? While having gold-standard amenities has done well to attract residents in the past, it’s important for property managers to recognize the influence of new competing factors influencing overall residence experience and the role they play in driving students to properties. Embracing an experience-driven approach will help you exceed the expectations of today’s residents and ensure greater stability for your property, starting now. Read more.

A Guide to Proptech in the Student Housing Industry

Property technology, or proptech, is a prevalent buzzword within the real estate industry. Referring collectively to the range of innovations that are disrupting real estate markets, proptech offers a competitive edge, providing value to property residents as well as the property’s owners, operators, and investors.

Incorporating proptech is even more essential for the student housing industry than for other real estate markets, as it’s crucial for resonating with Gen Z, a generation with unique standards and expectations when it comes to technology. This article provides a few of the ways that student housing management companies and operators should consider implementing proptech at their property. Read more.

Promotions and Anniversaries

Campus Advantage

  • Molly Shaw — Operations Specialist


  • Gino Blanco — Group Account Director
  • Melissa Cornine — Client Services Director


  • Scott Duckett, EVP — 15 years
  • Kimberly Lewis, Management Systems Trainer — 10 years

Employee Spotlights

Jennifer Cassidy

Anna Flores

Doesn’t Let Anything Break Her Stride

Anna Flores greets each and every day with zeal for her role at Campus Advantage, ready to meaningfully connect with her colleagues and drive results for the company. She first heard of Campus Advantage through past employees and just knew she’d be a good fit based on the company’s core values. Bringing warmth to her role as Vice President of Operations, connection and growth are among Anna’s top priorities; she believes that when your teammates improve, everyone around you improves, and the whole company is positioned for success. She was kind enough to allow us to interview her and find out more about her leadership style, the song that best represents her life, and what she most appreciates about her team.

Jennifer Cassidy

Josh Truscott

Runs on Integrity

Josh Truscott shows up to work each day equipped with a strong sense of integrity, transparency, and dedication to his accounting team. Set apart by his empathetic leadership style, Josh’s top priority is empowering his team members by anticipating their needs and encouraging input from each individual. During our interview, Josh shared with us his favorite things about Campus Advantage, insight into his musical inclinations, and a dose of motivational wisdom.

Welcome to the Family

This spring, Campus Advantage welcomed The Brock — a 114-unit, 401-bed student housing property located near the State University of New York (SUNY) Brockport campus.

Built in 2009 and located within a short walking distance to campus, The Brock is a garden-style community that features two-, three-, and four-bedroom units designed to appeal to today’s student demographic. Amenities were recently upgraded by ownership and include a renovated clubhouse, game room, study spaces, fitness center, laundry facility, and new outdoor amenities. Units were also updated to include new flooring, fixtures, and student-friendly, modern furniture packages. A shuttle service is also available for residents, or residents can opt to rent a car through the Envoy car-sharing program — a truly unique amenity that sets the property apart from the competition.

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